Technical Information Manager

Thursday, May 3, 2018
Friday, May 18, 2018

Assist Diesel Service Dealers and Alliant Power in maximizing their profitability by providing technical and sales support for all product lines.

Responsibilities and Duties: 
  • Assist distribution by providing technical support to others both inside and outside the company (e.g. technical bulletins, parts memos, technical seminars).
  • Manage the administration of warranties for DSDs.  Manage the administration of warranty claims for Diesel Forward Service department as necessary.
  • Manage the planning, prioritization, and implementation of technical training programs (e.g. product training with new product releases, technician training for customers).
  • Maintain and increase technical expertise by attending factory schools as deemed necessary.
  • Manage the activities of Technical Department employees including but not limited to recruitment, performance management, and training.
  • Ensure conformance with the requirements of the Diesel Forward quality management system.
  • Assist other employees both in and out of the department.
  • Perform other related duties and assignments as required.
  • Provide feedback on system needs/changes

Performance Factors

Diesel Forward Managers will either possess or develop the following competencies:

  1. Financial: The employee creates and adheres to realistic budgets in a manner that helps achieve the company’s objectives.  Tracks expenses frequently enough to make adjustments.  Understands the basic financial reports and how decisions affect financial measures.
  2. Customer focus: The employee consistently conveys that the customers are the highest priority.  Respects customer needs and expectations and lets customers know if their expectations cannot be met.  Communicates in a manner that promotes and sustains customer satisfaction. 
  3. Coaching/team development: The employee establishes an environment that creates incentives for and eliminates barriers to a team environment.  Articulates common goals, communicates how individual roles contribute to team success.
  4. Problem solving: The employee takes actions to resolve conflicts in a manner that is best for both the organization and the individuals involved.  Addresses complaints and problems quickly and effectively, keeps all parties informed of the status of the issue.  Encourages employees to report problems and concerns and ensures that outcomes are viewed as fair.
  5. Decisiveness:  The employee investigates all viable options, along with the potential consequences of each, and then makes timely decisions.  Can direct a group through this process and does not hesitate to make difficult decisions.  Can speed up or slow down the process as needed.
  6. Organizational IQ: The employee understands the internal climate of the organization, including the most productive channels of communication, and makes use of the appropriate channels to achieve goals.  Understands the unwritten protocols and political aspects of how communication takes place.

Additionally, all Diesel Forward employees shall exhibit the following:

  1. Attendance and dependability: The employee can be depended on to report to work at the scheduled time and is seldom absent from work. Employee can be depended upon to complete work in a timely, accurate, and thorough manner and is conscientious, about assignments.
  2. Communication/listening: The employee communicates effectively and appropriately.  Uses good judgment as to what to communicate to whom as well as the best way to get that accomplished.  Listens to others and allows them to make their point.
  3. Relationships with others: The employee works effectively and relates well with others including superiors, coworkers, and individuals inside and outside the company. The employee exhibits a professional manner in dealing with others and works to maintain constructive working relationships.
  4. Safety and security: The employee actively promotes and personally observes safety and security procedures, and uses equipment and materials properly.
  5. Quality and continuous improvement: The employee promotes organizational effectiveness by anticipating and dealing with problems. Encourages others to suggest improvements to work processes, and persistently focuses on quality, as well as on results. Seeks ways to improve productivity and effectiveness by identifying sources of mistakes and determining or suggesting a course of action to prevent their recurrence.
  6. Teamwork:  The employee is a team player who contributes valuable ideas, opinions and feedback.  Communicates openly and honestly and can be counted on to fulfill commitments made to others.
Requirements and Qualifications: 

Must be a qualified diesel technician.  Ability to operate various test stands and other test equipment.  Excellent computer skills.  Detail oriented.  Customer service oriented.  Well organized with a professional demeanor.  A self-starter with initiative and proven willingness to assume ownership for areas of responsibility.  Ability to make informed decisions quickly and independently.  Strong interpersonal communication and employee relations skills. Must have the ability to train others. 

Interested applicants should submit their resume to